Today I paint just as I always have, but today I realize what I am painting.

Today I paint my future. 

With each stroke, each word spoken… 

Each truth I shed light on and each doubt I decide to conquer. 

Today I paint my future with the hours I have been given. 

Today I decide that my tomorrows will be brightly written. 

Today is the day, with each thought, decision, each moment of silence and moment of reflection 

My purpose, my destiny – what I will give for my tomorrow. 

Making each stroke beautiful

Making each color a color I choose to be in my life tomorrow.

Making history with just a little paint

And a dream worth painting. 

~Wendy Richard



Elegance. Style. Taste. Three words our brides and grooms in San Diego – southern California, Portland and Southern Oregon (Grants Pass area) and Southern Missouri (Springfield area) embrace. Whether you are planning a wedding in California, Oregon or Missouri

Elegance is something you can’t just have or become instantly. You grow it from the choices you make, the way you speak and the respect you hold for yourself and others. There are people with a natural elegance about them.

Style is something mixed of nature and nurture. You ever meet someone who think they have amazing style mismatching their crocs and socks with some rainbow suspenders off their shoulders. Style goes beyond a fad. It is a keen eye on knowing when enough is enough and how to shine even with something simple.

Taste. Do you remember your first taste of alcohol? I do. I remember saying out loud… “hmm… finger nail polish remover, how yummy – not!” It was champagne. Now I have a very delicate palate to what I love and what tastes cheap, lacking body and richness.

We are honored our brides and grooms have such amazing elegance, taste and style to them.






Models: London Detrick and Michael Perez


The perfect beach wedding in Coronado San Diego, CA.

A faint voice came from the master bedroom, sounding relaxed and slightly energized. There is a feeling in the air when you see love. It fills someone’s spirit, refreshing their dreams and the atmosphere can identify it in seconds. Rick was as relaxed as Jill, doing last minute things and then heading to the beach to leave their private villa at the Hotel Del in Coronado to Jill and her closest family and friends. 

As her son walked her down the golden beach at Central Beach Coronado in San Diego, CA and she looked radiant with the sun shining off her face. Their closest family and friends surrounded them as they said their vows to each other and sealed it with a kiss. They skipped along the shoreline, holding hands and looking into the horizon – starting their lives out together with the perfect intimate moment. 

Their wedding was free, light and made up of all the perfect necessities. They held an intimate reception at Vigilucci’s right around the corner from the Hotel Del Coronado, in San Diego, CA. Look at their love, their romance here: 







There are some setbacks to living in Cali vs. Oregon, like sports…

At this moment I am listening to my son yell “Go Blazers!!” in his most fierce two year old fan voice and it’s working.

The downfall? Besides it being the few games we’ve been able to catch on television, we have to listen to the L.A. Clippers announcers for the entire game. Although I am new to all this ‘sports’ world stuff, I am a Blazers fan. I think they’re quite an incredible team and the men are… Men. Gentlemen. I see other guys in the NBA and I’m turned off by their cockiness and egos… their ‘hood’ cuts and swagga. Call me crazy but that kind of stuff just doesn’t get me going. But guys becoming men under pressure… that’s my team.

As I’m watching I can’t help but get a slight bit annoyed and detoured by the other teams announcers. They’re, as always, underestimating our team and excusing our lead and position in the rankings.

It got me thinking, how paralleled that can be in our lives sometimes.

We so often have to go through situations where who we are tuned into aren’t always on our team. They might be basking in our failures and excusing our triumphs. They might be taking joy in the mere fact that we aren’t where we want to be.

Even if we are ahead in life, it doesn’t make it as enjoyable tuned through the wrong station. I heard a saying once, “You are only as good as the five people you hang out with the most.” It struck me. How often do we let those nay-sayers in our ears. How much do we put up with? How sour do they make our good days… how harder do they make life in general.

It is so important to surround yourself with people who are on your team, on your side. Not a person comparing, not someone who wants you to fail, not someone who wants you only to do good as long as it’s not better than them. Surround yourself for someone who believes in you, your dreams, your life… who aligns themselves morally, with the same integrity and who lifts you up when you miss that basket you so often make. Who knows how amazing you can be and believes it even when you don’t.

Sometimes we will still only be able to listen to the opposing team but don’t make it a habit to live in a place where you can’t hear your biggest cheerleaders. Find your team. Find those people who lift you up and tune into their channel. Your mountains will look more like hills and your confidence to preform will as strong as a raging river, like it was made to be.


Cell phone photo of the action… My two yr old son, my husband and one year old daughter :)


It is a delight to see and photograph the beginning stages of a newborns life.
The warmth, pure innocence they carry in just a little ‘sigh’ is enough to melt even the toughest of hearts.

This is Malia Mahoney. Malia, meet the world!
She is three weeks old and enjoying life in Simi Valley, CA with her father, mother and two year old brother.

She is more than precious and was such a little model, as you can see here!



And this is Malia’s beautiful mother, Mariam.



It’s a season of thanks and during this time of year everyone seems to go to Facebook or instagram and post their #30dot or #thirtydaysofthanks Thirty Thanksgiving Days… Whatever you would like to call it. I happen to be one of them. I think it is a wonderful reminder for us to stop and be grateful, thankful for what we have. Today I posted a thanks on friends who sharpen me.

I was honored to ‘play’ and spend time with one of my best friends while I was home visiting, Missouri. All along in the laughter and joy of making her do silly things like walk a certain way or swinging her hair and the random moments she would keep my husband in line, I was in awe of her spirit. Ever since meeting this friend through other friends back in 2004, I have never stopped enjoying her company.

“Through life’s roller coaster ride we have ridden it side by side.” w~
We have held each others hands, hearts and tears. We have shared in booty-tooches and ‘breast-grabbing photos and we have shared in the hours of ‘tell me why your heart hurts’ conversations. Even thousands of miles apart, she still lights up my face when I talk about her. That is a friend. That is a God-send friend.

I will always treasure her heart and what she brings to this world. She is someone to admire.
If super-women and models were rolled into one being it would be her. It’s what they call a role model. <3

Also, I was delighted to photograph her very tall and gorgeous daughter whom I have had the privilege of knowing since she was a tiny baby!! I can’t believe she is growing so fast. Moments of thanks continually pour…



These photos were taken at Battleground National Park in Battleground, Missouri outside of Republic and Springfield, Missouri.
Ps. We had to use our blonde charm to get us out of a ticket for staying at the park after it had closed. Thank you Mr. Officer for not ticketing us!!! See, she still can get me in trouble and out of it too! ;)


Meet Jessee. 

He is currently a Senior at Strafford High School. He has attended Strafford schools since 2nd grade. 

He loves music and plays many instruments – such as, but not limited to the guitar, banjo, harmonica, bass, trumpet, tuba, drums and some piano preforming in various bands and worship teams (Strafford Youth Center, Assembly of God, Lakeside Family Worship Center) and on his off-time gives guitar lessons to aspiring musicians. 

He works at Stafford McDonalds and dreams of attending Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. 

He loves sour patch kids and Mnt. Dew and drives a Chevy Beretta. 

He dreams big and works hard. His style is down-to-earth with a flair of alternative folk.